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What Is SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service. SMS is also often referred to as texting, sending text messages, or text messaging. The service allows for short text messages to be sent from one cell phone to another cell phone or from the Web to another cell phone.

SMS Web Interface:

SMS-web interface enables businesses to send single or multiple SMS messages through Crown IT’s dedicated web site to their targeted recipients.

It is a bulk messaging tool design to facilitate fast and effective personalized SMS messaging to existing groups or individual’s client databases.

The solution is designed for SMS marketers, campaigners, and debt collectors, in fact, anyone who needs to broadcast multiple messages with a push of a button. It enables users to type a single message, and broadcast it to many thousands of recipients in short time.

SMS Features & Benefits

Crown IT is a leader in providing e-solutions and SMS services to be integrated in various types of businesses as required, so whether you need bulk SMS for automated messaging or marketing campaigns, we at Crown IT are glad to help you.

SMS is an acronym standing for Short Message Service. It is commonly referred to as text messaging or "texting" as well. SMS is a method by which messages can be sent to a cell phone via another cell phone, a computer connected to the Internet, a regular land line, or a handheld device such as a Blackberry.

What benefits can I get from using SMS services and why?

  • There was never before such a powerful way of reaching customers on personal basis. Through SMS services, messages are directly delivered to the mobile phones of your customers and they would know about the products and the services offered by the company. 70% of the total population carries a cell phone and they are about one ring away from your message.
  • Speed Assurance: SMS advertising assures delivering messages instantly. An advertiser does not have to wait for the advertisements to be produced and placed; text messaging is sent within fractions of seconds to the prospective buyers.
  • Cost Effective and Target Control: as an advertiser, you will be paying for messages that will reach your targeted customers - Customers that are willing to read your sent messages and are likely to buy what is offered by you. You will be able to select particular parties and pay accordingly. Additionally, using SMS technology, you can send hundreds or thousands of messages instantly for the price of few phone calls or few messages and letters.
  • Text messages sent for advertising or any other purpose are generally short, up to the point, and specific, thus giving you an advantage in such a fast moving and competitive world.
  • SMS texting is inexpensive and highly effective, it requires minimum to medium technical requirements; never the less it is still considered a cutting-edge mean of advertising and communication.
  • Data Management: SMS services use a Database management system that allows you to manage and keep track of your Data, time and the way of broadcasting.
  • Save Time: Sending a thousand or even more instant messages takes only few minutes.
  • Save Effort: Messages are guaranteed to instantly reach your customers. No more phone tags, no need for call-backs to find your customers and follow them up.
  • Efficient Use of Resources: Your staff can concentrate on more productive activities. No more hours of stuffing and stamping envelopes.
  • Increase Revenue and Productivity: as SMS services reduce costs and dedicated resources, your revenues will increase. If you use it for marketing, your promotions will reach more customers instantly, reducing your marketing budget while maximizing your reach. Your business will be more productive when you can communicate quickly and seamlessly with your customers.
  • Improve Relationships with Customers: Customers will feel appreciated and respected; SMS provides continuous and personalized communication between you and your customers.
  • Wide Range of Applications: SMS usage is not only limited to marketing, advertising, and promotions, it exceeds to many other applications and uses such as announcements of public and private events, sales, surveys regarding any public issue, and many others. All can be sent in a matter of minutes.


Hospital / Health Care / Medical

An SMS reminder (with date and time stated) can be sent to patients about upcoming appointment

  • Internal staff communication
  • Inform status of medical reports for collection

Notifications can be sent on premium renewal / new policy

  • Remind customers on policy expiry date
  • Birthday / seasonal greetings to show appreciation
Shopping Centres / Department Stores

  • Rental due date reminder for tenants
  • Maintenance/emergency works notification
  • Retail space for sale notification
  • Update members/customers of any ongoing sales/promotions
  • Member's day sales/ exclusive promotion notification
Banking / Credit Card / Finance

  • Payment transfer information
  • Authentication and access control - Alerts on new or changed conditions, statement reminders, loan application approved/declined, balance enquiries, fraud and transaction alerts
  • Application status notification
  • Added security: send automate message whenever the card is used
  • Due / late payment reminder
  • Over credit limit alert
Direct Selling / Network Marketing

Bonus notifications can also be sent to every member of the group (up line and down line) to receive the bonus Group communications on seminars or new product launching can be sent at once to all related groups

Gym / Fitness Centres

  • Member get member campaign SMS
  • Inform members of any class changes/cancellation
  • Send gym / fitness package promotion
  • Inform of new branch opening / event invitation
  • Send body fitness/exercise tips
  • Membership renewal notification
Hotels / Resorts / Restaurant

  • Send SMS promotions to drive business growth during low peak. For example discounted room package
  • Room vouchers or rebate vouchers can also be sent via our voucher campaign
  • Customers feedback can also be collected via survey campaign

Purchase confirmation can be sent via SMS

  • Notify latest product offerings / promotional items
  • Update customers on the purchase status
Travel & Tour

  • Send holiday package promo/super deal
  • Travel fair invitation – to inform venue, date and booth number
  • Get extra discount / freebies when visit the booth
  • Travel itineraries
  • Flight time changes
  • Alerts on delays, changes or cancellation
Entertainment Cinemas

Updates of all forthcoming shows

  • Booking confirmation
  • Send latest news and updates
  • Send weekly / monthly promotion update
Higher Education / Colleges / University

  • Contact students and staff in case of emergency
  • Notification of results awaiting collection
  • Schedule of teachers and classes
  • Confirmation of enrollment
  • Send exam results / change of exam times or timetables
  • Alert students to any current / upcoming events
  • Inform students of course payment due date

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